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About NeuralScopeTM

NeuralScopeTM is an advanced automated dual neural net trading system available for the TradeStation® Platform!

Utilized by many across the Globe!
NeuralScopeTM is about you, the Trader!

NeuralScopeTM offers you the ability to customize your own Trading Methodology and
Approach and then Automate it!

Also, wouldn’t you like to be able to peek into the future of the FOREX market spectrum, like the GBPUSD, EURUSD & USDCHF pairs, Plus the Gold, Dow Emini & S&P Emini, with an extraordinarily high degree of confidence?

Well now you can with; NeuralScopeTM

Now available NeuralScopeTM v18r6 is offering the Neural Net for the FOREX

Other Commodity Symbols and Forex Pairs are also available or they are always in development. You may also wish not to use the Neural Net at all, your choice, or you may wish to learn how to develop your own Neural Nets that plug into NeuralScopeTM. Please contact us for more information about this.

NeuralScopeTM Software is available to you by lease. The NeuralScopeTM trading system offers exceptional value at a low cost per trading day!
So there is no better time to get started with automated Trading, than the present!

Lease pricing is as follows:

The Annual Lease reflects a 20% savings over the Semi Annual Lease and the Semi Annual Lease reflects a 25% savings over the Monthly Lease. Multiple Year Bitcoin Annual Lease reflects an addition percentage discount.

NeuralScopeTM is an advanced, next generation, real-time, Intra day autonomous, trading system, for the average Trader!

NeuralScopeTM functions within the required TradeStation® platform and performs on both ticks or bars, for quick analysis in which to provide you with entry and exit signals.

Use NeuralScopeTM to assist your trading methodology, or as a training tool! Or test your own entry or exit strategies inside the NeuralScopeTM wrapper.

NeuralScopeTM offers a Genetic Adaptive General Regression Algorithm based Neural Net (GRNN) forecasting system that looks at the Real-Time historical spectral patterns through a googleplex number of mathematical permutations in a fraction of a nanosecond in which to forecast where the symbol is heading and strength during the next time period.

Then, based on entry filters, NeuralScopeTM displays for you a recommended buy or sell signal clearly on the screen chart. All you need to do is execute them to the trading floor through your Broker. Or after you have all your parameters set, you can remove the human emotion with the fully automated function of NeuralScopeTM to execute your trades automatically.

One of the great advantages of a Genetic Adaptive Neural Net system is that it adapts to changing markets. Bull, Bear, Sideways it doesn’t matter, as NeuralScopeTM offers full adaptability and adjusts to the current market conditions by continually analysing and adapting to the model with billions of calculations performed every nanosecond.

This is just one of the features which makes NeuralScopeTM so powerful. The patented technology that drives NeuralScopeTM has been used for years by a variety of Global 1000 companies and institutions around the world for their own respective forecasting requirements.

Now we have made it available to you, for the average Trader!

Forecasting a good entry point into a chaos spectrum is extremely difficult, but not impossible! With infinite strengths and possible outcomes, the only viable approach is to reduce the projection error scientifically. This significantly increases the chances of a positive outcome.

Determining an exit strategy offers another extreme complexity! NeuralScopeTM offers several blended stop scenarios to be adapted to your own trading style and methodology, plus you can add your own as well.

NeuralScopeTM performs both tasks as quickly as the tick is received. This occurs in a nanosecond. NeuralScopeTM then provides you with recommended entry and exit points clearly illustrated on the TradeStation® Chart and within the System Tracker.

NeuralScopeTM is a Genetic Adaptive General Regression Algorithm based Neural Net (GRNN), forecasting system, utilizing a learning paradigm. In essence, it is a model from which predictions are derived through learned patterns which have been developed from thousands of hours of history. See here how NeuralScopeTM works.

Currently we offer the FOREX pairs; GBPUSD & EURUSD Nets.  Also, we are working to bring to you other Nets for other commodity symbols that will plug into NeuralScopeTM.  You can now also create your own Nets.

Do you have a special Net that you would like to have professionally developed? Let us know and we can do custom studies and development for you as well or you may wish to learn how to do this yourself.  A complete syllabus and how to guide is now included with your NeuralScopeTM subscription.  Please contact us for more information on this.

Watch a real-time live trading video

Additional Note:

Now you have the ability to create your own Neural Nets that plug into NeuralScopeTM.  Both Development and Training is offered, including a comprehensive syllabus.  Also, we are presently developing two Trading courses for both beginners and advanced Traders.

New exciting News!  We are also in the process of developing a sentiment analysis for NeuralScopeTM.  This will connect with the News Feeds to offer a Positive, Neutral and Negative symbol sentiment analysis with strength indication.

Please stay tuned in here for more details.